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Nintendo Switch Lite Revealed - PvA Radio: Episode 48

July 11, 2019

It's always a good week when there is a new hardware announcement, at least in Luke's opinion. And this week brought us the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite, a $199 handheld only version of the Nintendo Switch that lacks removable JoyCons and dockability, but gains a smaller form factor and longer battery life. The guys discuss this and more on this week's episode of PvA Radio. 


11:48 - Larry's Topic: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 - New gameplay from Game Informer and Nintendo showcase characters, abilities and more for upcoming Switch exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. The guys discuss how this game will fair in light of the most recent Marvel film releases but in the shadow of Crystal Dynamic's Avengers game. They also discuss the state of couch co-op at large. 


25:42 - Cody's Topic: The Nintendo Switch Lite - A few hours before the show, Nintendo revealed their handheld-only version of the wildly popular Nintendo Switch Console, the Nintendo Switch Lite. How does this announcement impact Nintendo's strategy at large? Now that Nintendo has merged handheld and home console gaming, can the two ever be separated?


1:07:14 - Luke's Topic: Sean Murray on How Silence Saved No Man's Sky - Sean Murray recently gave an interview about the months following the release of No Man's Sky. He mentioned that while it was difficult, staying silent with the community and press helped them to focus on making the game better. He said that Bethesda, Microsoft and EA could benefit from this approach. The guys discuss whether or not Sean Murray's advice is sound. 


Then, the triumphant return of 2 Truths and a Gaming Lie: Gaming Edition - The Game: The Musical! 


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