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Gaming’s #MeToo Movement and Telltale Games’ Return - PvA Radio Episode 55

August 29, 2019

On this week's episode of PvA Radio, the guys talk about, not only the the biggest gaming news stories of the week, but one really important one as well. The topics for this week include:

Larry's Topic - In a recent interview with Twinfinite, Xbox's Aaron Greenberg spoke about Microsoft's approach to first party titles now that they have acquire more studios, what could be shown at X019, and how Xbox Games Pass plays into their strategy at large. The guys discuss what it means for Xbox to support their "platform" and how Xbox could possibly be looking to bring their games to other ecosystems, even if they aren't interested in bringing them to other consoles directly.

Luke's Topic - Earlier this year, Telltale Games was shut down unceremoniously, leaving many developers and employees without jobs. Now, two men who had nothing to do with the original Telltale Games are attempting to revive it. Luke, Larry, and Cody talk about why this move seems slimy and how gaming culture at large fails to recognize that it's people, not companies who make games.

Cody's Topic - Earlier this week, developer Nathalie Lawhead published her account of rape by Skyrim composer Jeremy Soule. What followed were countless stories of other women who had been abused and taken advantage of by people of power in the games industry. The guys discuss this #metoo moment and how the industry and we as fans of games can respond in a way that can lead to actual change.

Plus, Cody gives his thoughts on Control. Luke reviews Gears Pop. And Larry talks about how PUBG is finally a playable game on Xbox One!

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